The SBS System

This page provides a brief introduction to the technology that we offer so if you want further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The name SBS stands for Soil Bio-Stimulation. The SBS Mass Treatment system revolves around the safe use of aerobic bio-degradation (Mother Nature’s own way of recycling most of her resources).

How it works

Our machine uses high pressure air (over one bar) to provide the means necessary to accelerate the degradation process safely and economically. This offers a far better way of reducing waste in both mass and volume, as the natural process is accelerated by these artificial means.

In the case of municipal waste, the objective is to degrade and then dry the materials sufficiently to allow segregation of the organic and inorganic entities (cans, bottles and plastic cartons) so that they may be recycled or composted.

What it can achieve

The latest calculations suggest that due to shorter digestion periods and increased capacity (due to increased plant height), such in-vessel technology could increase the productivity of existing composting sites by as much a 5,000 percent.

This 50-fold increase in productivity of existing sites could often be obtained through better use of the land arising from a combination of increased plant height and much reduced process time; typically 14 days.

An SBS system 15 metres high would process approximately 88 tonnes of green waste per square metre per year, whilst many windrow systems will process approximately 2 – 2.5 tonnes of green waste per square metre per year.

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