Household Waste

The SBS concept envisages the creation of truly localised waste reception centres that are silent and odourless and are therefore easily integrated into the community.

Distributed locally, on a neighbourhood scale, SBS plants could help reduce the carbon footprint of the whole waste management operation quite significantly.


This saving would be achieved by eliminating the current fashion for multiple collections of home segregated waste streams that double or treble the carbon footprint of the whole operation.

Our concept would also reduce the transport requirements at the end of each collection round presently required to take the waste to more remote transfer stations.


A Whole New Process

Waste Innovation propose a complete reform of the whole waste collection and disposal process, potentially offering savings to municipal councils throughout:

1. Residents will place all of their waste un-segregated, into one biodegradable and soluble ENPOL® plastic bag. This will save money on multiple kerbside collections.

2. The waste will then be collected by electric vehicles, which can carry less than traditional waste trucks but will not carry crushing equipment so will be lighter, cheaper to run and will have a considerably smaller carbon footprint.

3. We propose to have localised plants , as they can be contained within standard industrial units. This would keep the mileage and costs down.

4. The waste would then be separated and either composted or recycled. Due to household waste being contaminated with chemicals, this would not be re-used on the land, but could be pyrolysed (baked without oxygen) to generate energy and more revenue.

5. We propose a mere 13% of waste would go to landfill and none of that would be biodegradable waste.