Use the regulations

If you are a commercial food or flower wholesaler, our invention could be of huge benefit both environmentally and cost-wise to your business.

Provided that the output from the process can be spread upon the land for the benefit of agriculture, (and that depends upon what is put in), any system of less than 1000 tonnes capacity is exempted from the need for a waste management licence.

This aspect opens up the possibility of economic self management of wastes for a wide range of organisations

that have responsibility for more than 750 and up to 15,000 tonnes of waste a year.

Currently many commercial food businesses have to pay up to £95 per tonne in waste removal costs and landfill taxes.

If the majority of your waste is biodegradable then there should be a more sustainable and cost-effective way of disposing it.

Handled correctly, your waste costs might be even be turned into profits.

Some interesting numbers

For example a local wholesale fruit and vegetable market creates around 800 tonnes of waste per year. They could reduce costs by 25% to 30% over the first ten years and then drop costs dramatically (up to another 50%) beyond the time when the plant mortgage has been paid off.

By installing a ‘twin barrel’ system they could actually gain a profit contribution from their waste by re-selling it in a recovered form. They could go from current costs of £76,000 per year to being able to produce compost, which could be sold at £3 per bag, or £150 per tonne.

Approximately a quarter of the input weight of fruit and vegetables could be re-saleable, (as compost) whilst baled cardboard could bring £70-£100 per tonne into the company helping it return an extra profit contribution of around £30,000 per year on current prices.

If this is something you would like for your business then please contact us